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Karen Beach

Karen is a watercolorist who often combines pencil, ink and watercolor in her works. She is drawn to subjects in nature, architectural forms and compositions most frequently including water or oceans. Her paintings are inspired by photos taken while traveling, or while appreciating the beauty surrounding where she lives. It is not her intention to copy a photo, but to convey her impressions, and transport you to that place to share in her experience. Karen has been a permanent resident of the NW Bradenton area for 7 years and participates in local exhibitions.

For the past 17 years she has exhibited in Alexandria, Virginia and continues to be a member of the Potomac Valley Watercolorists. She is an active member of the ArtCenter Manatee and the Florida Watercolor Society. Her past careers include working for more than 25 years as a graphic designer, sole proprietor of Red Clover Design. She also taught for nine years as an adjunct professor at George Mason University’s College of Art and Design. Before pursuing her career in Graphic Design, Karen enjoyed a twelve-year career as a Research Scientist, specializing in animal and plant cell culture. It is her belief that science and art are interrelated and that keeping a balance between the right and left brain is key to a happy life.

Karen's Gallery

Susan Bokos

"I delight in the smallest of details. And I am often surprised to find that these smallest of details lead to a much larger truth."

Susan began her photographic journey in 1982 with this vision and it still holds true for her today. Although her subjects have changed, her vision remains constant. As true with many, her artistic career began learning to photograph her children.  After a short time, however, the scope of her work began to grow as she began to experiment with other subjects. Susan has attended workshops and taken courses taught by other photographers and spent considerable time studying the works of past and present photographers. Her work has gone from the darkroom to digital, which has given her much more freedom and creative license.

Her work has been shown in galleries from New York City to Berlin. Although she has won numerous awards, nothing makes her happier than giving one of her photographs to a friend.
Susan grew up in Michigan and attended the University of Michigan. She moved with her husband to New York in 1978 and there they raised their family. In 2012, Anna Maria become their home. 

Susan's Gallery


I took up a camera and photography during May of 2022 as a late-in-life form of therapy to help manage a life altering and incurable balance disorder. Through the technical challenges of learning about the camera I found physical and emotional comfort. Surprisingly, it also revealed a nascent creative part of me that my life’s work and career never saw expressed. In that wonderful and unexpected way my balance disorder was transformed into a godsend.


At the most raw and instinctual level my mind’s eye is captured by shapes, patterns and bold colors. I find compositions everywhere making it hard to classify what type of photographer I am or, more importantly, what type of photographer I aspire to be as I mature in this art and craft.


I’ve always been told I’m story teller. A surprising number of my compositions tell a personal story. Stories rooted somehow and somewhere in my past making the image fuller to me, rounding it with more dimensions than the two provided by the paper or the canvas they’re presented on.


I wrote earlier about what type of photographer I aspire to be and one measure of progress, perhaps the only measure that counts, is how well I’m able to express my stories’ emotions through my art. I’ve learned I share that aspiration and challenge with all artists.


I’m grateful to be surrounded by the talented and experienced artists that make up Island Gallery’s collective. What better place to learn, grow, share and contribute than this?

Jeffrey's Gallery

Rick Cardoza

Rick works out of his home studio in Bradenton, FL, and is an avid landscape painter and outdoor enthusiast. He grew up in the suburbs north of Boston where he developed a strong interest in drawing and painting as a teen, and pursued of his love for landscape painting through plein-air studies completed in the Gloucester and Rockport area. Rick was awarded a full-tuition scholarship for his senior high school portfolio in the National Scholastic Art Competition in 1972 to attend Boston University's School of Visual Arts where he completed both a BFA in painting in 1976 and a MFA in studio arts education in 1981. He went on to teach for eight years in the Canton and Medfield Massachusetts High School Art Programs. 
Rick's paintings celebrate a wide variety of landscape themes.  Using strong contrasts of light and rich application of color, he focuses on the play of light and the atmospheric mood of the scene in the attempt to translate a moment of time and place for the viewer.
Rick is a member of the Art Centers of Sarasota and Manatee and a former Signature Artist Member and President of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society and an Artist Member of the Cape Cod Art Association. He has received awards in numerous group shows, and continued his study over the years by taking workshops with top New England area artists. He has had several one-person shows, and is represented in several private collections. 

Rick's Gallery


Lynn Coppinger

I have had the opportunity of being the graphics editor at a local newspaper, an art director at a major printing company, and then a long career as the managing editor of a global medical publishing company. My amazing career as editor afforded me the opportunity to travel, meet incredible people, and I loved every minute of those 25 years. However, being creative took a back seat in a technical environment.

After retiring, the love and passion for art (in every form and medium) came flooding
back and the need to create became paramount.

Since the "pandemic" happened and most
of us unfortunately became semi-isolated, there was finally time to focus on doing what I loved... ART! Oils, acrylics, alcohol inks, graphite, colored pencils, watercolor, glass, and callig
raphy pens are my new playmates.

For inquiries or more information:
[email protected]

Lynn's Gallery


Shirley Rush Dean

Shirley holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art in painting and art history from American University in Washington, D. C. and a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Maryland where she taught Design, Drawing and Color Theory for 20 years and lectured in Design at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D. C.

Before moving to Florida she created a 2-story ceramic mural on a public building in Bethesda, MD.  In Florida, she turned from oil painting to watercolor because of the brilliant colors in the local scenes and was a Signature Member of the FL Suncoast Watercolor Society.  Now she works mainly in acrylics. 

The artist has received numerous awards and her work is in hundreds of collections nationally and internationally. 

Shirley's Gallery

Lisa DiFranza


Lisa was raised in New York City in a family of artists. She watched her Dad sketch characters in their neighborhood, and her parents encouraged her to make her own artistic creations. Her medium is gouache on paper and acrylic on canvas.


Her love of both visual and performing arts led her

toward a successful career as a theater director,

educator and non-profit leader and consultant.


While confined at home during the pandemic lockdown, Lisa created 365 daily paintings in her kitchen "studio." Those "dailies" re-charted the course of her professional life, and gave way to a robust studio practice and exhibition schedule.

Lisa's Gallery



Sue Elliott

I am a artist from London, UK relocating to Bradenton, Florida in 2003.

My predominant medium is acrylics, although I also love  to use resin, gold leaf, polymer, clay, alcohol  ink and pastels. My passion is to experiment and learn new techniques.

I am well known for my animal portraits, and gladly take commissions to commemorate and celebrate the lives of our companions. Please do contact me for information.

I also accept commissions for fine art paintings and abstract resin art. I try not to take myself too seriously and you will see some surrealism and humor in my artwork. If it makes you happy, it makes me happy too!

I have many examples of my artwork at

Sue's Gallery



Carol Farkas

Carol Farkas has been designing one of a kind pieces of jewelry for over thirty years.  She is inspired by sea shells, crystal beads, and antique jewelry.  She loves to take apart old jewelry and redesign things to get a different look.

Recently she has been designing original scarves which she likes to refer to as wearable art!  She is available to design scarves to match pieces of clothing.  She has moved to Bradenton this past August 2022 and is very excited to be living so close to the beach now.

Carol's Gallery

Janet Flickinger

While attending collage, Janet worked as an architectural model builder. It is at this time that she fell in love with the symmetry of architecture. In 1982 Janet graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with honors. She subsequently continued for the next ten years in graphic design and illustration. In 1993 she founded Flickinger Design Studio.

It is at this time that Janet's passion for drawing and painting people really began to flourish. Her style can be characterized as (social or photo realism) with a high technical and detailed structure. Her style goes beyond what the naked eye can ordinarily comprehend and combines the fluidness of the human figure with the structure of architecture. Her passion now is to capture the essence of everyday life as it exists.

Janet loves the emphasis on common life as it occurs with the detail of architecture. Janet loves to capture the interaction of people as they conduct there everyday pursuits of life. As one examines her work they will begin to observe life through the perspective of her eyes. Janet is more drawn to recording history rather than creating decorative art.

Janet also offers commissions of portraits or places. All of her work is professionally framed with conservation glass.

Janet's Gallery


Larry Paul Frey

is an award-winning artist who creates unique works of art using Prismacolor colored pencil, inks and graphite.  His art  bears a talent that currently includes multiple series and sub-series of numbered "experiments" embracing impressionistic realism and abstract expressionism drawing styles.  From impressionistic old doors and windows, realistic plant drawings, and expressionistic interpretations of sunsets and volcanoes, his art derives from decades of studying and photographing the natural world's effects on human-made objects, the beauty of decay, the complexity of the philodendron plant, and getting inspiration from walking the beaches of Florida's west coast searching for shark teeth.

Larry's current works represent five experimental series utilizing two drawing styles.  Since
December 2018, he has produced hundreds of art pieces referred to as numbered "experiments" using Prismacolor colored pencils, inks, and graphic.  Much of his work derives from the outdoor and built environments, though subject matter and inspiration come from a collection of his original photographs taken since the 1970's, along with photographs taken during self-prescribed photographic exploration tours.

Larry's Gallery

Marie Garafano


Marie is a Philadelphia native who moved to Florida in 2008. She was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for 25 years serving clients in the corporate world and publishing.

She illustrated a chapter book for Houghton Mifflin called Ginger Goes on a Diet, a book about a foster child and her cat. She paints in watercolor and oils, in the studio and En Plein Air... s
he paints with the group, Plein Air Artists of Sarasota. Also, with The Artists Guild of Anna Maria Island, and The Light Chasers, Plein air Artists of the Suncoast. Her work is displayed at Island Gallery West.

Marie's Gallery

Dawn Gerardot

"While creating, my mind moves to a most relaxed state, and I find a quietness and peace of heart."

From a very early age, the passion to create has always been present in all that I see and do.  I feel a creative energy that tugs at the artist in me and this is where "happy accidents" happen:  an exciting unpredictable result, an unexpected color mingling or a combination of mediums that causes a turn in direction.  Every painting is an experiment and for me, pushing the boundaries is what it is all about.

I graduated from the University of St. Francis and taught secondary education for 14 years.  I love to teach and this background provides me the tools to share my knowledge of multiple mediums.  I have taught classes, workshops and seminars in Indiana and Florida for the past 20 years and have won numerous awards in many mediums.  My paintings can be found in many public and private collections throughout the country. 

Dawn's Gallery

Darryl Goldman

Darryl is a retired US Army Chaplain and Presbyterian minister. He served as a paratrooper chaplain, a chaplain to several infantry units, and spent 5 years in the Pentagon assigning and managing the careers of 1,200 other chaplains. He was promoted to Colonel and traveled the country providing supervision for Reserve and National Guard chaplains.

He served several civilian churches as senior minister until his retirement in 2018. His love of painting goes back to a very early age but his ministry career came first--until he retired! Then he picked up his brushes and never looked back. Although he paints a variety of motifs, from Minnesota farms to fishing boats to marine life and people doing extraordinary things, he says his primary subject is really the same--the light. "I paint the light as the leading actor in all my paintings," he said. "Humans naturally seek the light because light is warmth and clarity and hope."

Darryl was recently featured on FOX 13 News in Tampa, Florida, and featured artist at Island West Gallery on Anna Maria Island. Patrons from this country and others purchased his art at the show and his success has reinforced his belief that the subject does not matter as much as making his paintings glow with the light.

TV News Story

Darryl's Gallery

Jody Goldman

Jody first realized she wanted to be an artist while living in Miami and traveling around the world as a flight attendant.  The opportunity to travel to over 50 countries and see the abundance of wildlife in such diverse natural settings in countries she visited became the primary influence for her paintings.  Jody always loved animals and has a growing concern for protection of endangered species and their exclusive habitats. The diversity of wildlife is her one and only inspiration and her artwork is intended to bring awareness to the delicate balance we have in nature.

Jody has recently been inducted into "Oil Painters of America" and "Association of Animal Artists''.  Many of her paintings have been exhibited and awarded in juried shows:  Art4Apes, Miami Art Show, Orange County Pottery Studio, North Port Art Guild (Best in Show 2022), Valencia College, Orlando Art Theatre, Anna Maria Art League Winter Show, Vizcaya, Bradenton Mainly Art and Florida County Fair (Best in Show 2001 and 2002 and various retail shops.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy creating it. Life is good! 

Jody's Gallery

Gary Green Artist Island Gallery and Studios

Gary Green

have enjoyed drawing and illustrating my thoughts and visions since early childhood. Educated at Columbus College of Art and Design, I majored in advertising design and illustration. I found my career as a professional agency artist working in design, illustration and photography studio art direction. The clients consisted of large national and international corporations. We provided marketing solutions for packaging, print and web media. I retired as the VP of Creative with a Columbus Ohio Marketing agency.

Living in Florida I find a great art vibe providing my creative side with endless visual subjects. My works are in a representational style catching life’s moments. My main interests include figurative, landscape and still life compositions. Automotive fine art originals are also another specialty interest of mine. My art mediums of choice include watercolor, oil, acrylic and digital painting. I often attend life drawing studio sessions and join in advanced online creative studies. I am a member of several art societies, NOAPS, FWS, FSWS and continue to show in their juried exhibitions.

Gary's gallery

Pam McElhiney McMillen

Pam grew up in Bradenton, Florida, and after traveling the world as a military wife for over 30 years, she has come full circle and returned home.   Having lived all over the world has afforded her the opportunity to share and teach not only in the United States but also in Germany and the South Pacific.

 Her artistic journey began early with sewing and embroidery.  This led to adding textiles to her new endeavor of basket weaving.  She incorporated not only textiles but also palm fronds, silk, pine needles, horsehair and beads in her baskets.    While embellishing the baskets with beads she discovered her new love of jewelry making.  Today her focus is mainly on Peyote stitch bracelets, Kumihimo (the art of Japanese bead weaving), and crocheting “Cast Net” wire necklaces.   

Pam loves traveling, yoga, and  camping and finds artistic inspiration all around her.

Pam's Gallery

Mary Roff

A true love of the creative arts has had me on a life journey exploring many wonderful mediums; bookbinding, papermaking, glass bead making, quilting, painting, beading, nature printing, weaving, dyeing silk, photography and enameling are a few of the many creative endeavors I’ve enjoyed.

Seven years ago, when Art Center Manatee opened their jewelry design studio with classes in basic jewelry making I discovered a new passion working with fine metals and natural stones. The sterling silver jewelry I make now is simple and timeless emphasizing the beauty of the natural stones I use. In my jewelry you will discover small gemstone cabochons like amethyst and topaz or, my personal favorite, the jaspers that seem to be nature's little works of abstract art. In my torch fired enamels you will see my love of color and simple lines.  

Mary's Gallery


Debbie Snow

Art and the act of creating has and will always be a focal point of Debbie's life.  She followed in the footsteps of her mother who was a self taught artist.  This led Debbie to pursue her BS in Art Education at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, and ultimately spend almost four decades teaching mainly high school Art. 

After so many years of helping others to find  their talents, Debbie is now able to work full time out of her studio at home and fully pursue her own Art again.  She is drawn to painting flowers from photos taken during her travels and making them larger than life.  Painting for Debbie is an act of preserving the everyday beauty for all to enjoy.  

Debbie's Gallery

Charlotte Sorsen

Charlotte has worked in various art forms for as long as she can remember. She studied in Boston at the Museum School of Fine Arts and at the New England School of Art and Design. She has also continued to broaden her scope as an artist by taking many other courses along the way.

Painting is her first love, but in addition, she has worked in glass making, lamp-worked glass beads, as well as with jewellery and clothing design.

Charlotte paints to express her joy of the magic of the Gulf waters - as well as the skies, clouds, birds, and flora. She strives to capture the vision of what she observes, and she encourages others to appreciate the things they are looking at, such as the patterns in the sand, the clouds blooming on the horizon, and close-ups of birds talking to each other. So, often before she
knows it, a painting has become a story.

Charlotte says, "I have lived in Florida for five years now and I am mesmerized by the colors of the Gulf, the many approachable
birds and the swaying palms... it all helps to keep the paint brush wet!"

Charlotte's Gallery

Kathy Storm

- Photographer of Wildlife, Nature and more . . .

Painted on a wall of Kathy’s studio is the quote: "An Artist Is Not Something You Want to Be ….. It Is Something You Have to Be." She has believed and lived by that mantra most of her life.

Kathy is primarily "self taught" in all her art. From a young age she had a strong desire to be creative, first painting with oils for many years. In 1990 she scored her first piece of glass, changed mediums, and soon opened and operated a successful stained glass business for over 20 years. Her most recent venture is photography, specializing in wildlife and nature.

She says, "I am rarely without a camera. When the day starts and I am on the hunt, I am never disappointed with what I find. I have learned to see with new eyes, appreciating and respecting what is around me. My belief is that there is beauty at the heart of everything."

As much as Kathy loves traditional photography, she is always experimenting and trying something new. She likes to think outside the box in all her art, and believes in "daring to be different."

She also does mosaics, fused glass and wire sculptures. Her glass creations, photography and other art are in numerous homes (as well as businesses and churches), locally and throughout the country.

More of Kathy's work can be seen at Island Gallery West.  She has lived in Florida since 1974, originally coming from Pennsylvania. 

Kathy's Gallery

Cheryl Sudbury-Buerger     


Cheryl embraces her life journey with art at its core.  Her creative endeavors include stained glass, fabrics, ceramics, woodworking, writing, photography as well as watercolors and acrylics.  Her paintings have been exhibited in several galleries including a juried exhibit at the art museum of Florida International University.

 During her 15-year career in teaching, Cheryl enjoyed bringing creativity to the classroom. Then, in her 17 years with a Miami marketing and advertising agency, she rose from art directing and copywriting to creative directing.  She loved the international travel opportunities her job offered, traveling with camera in hand and creating a portfolio just waiting to be painted.

 In 2002, she and her husband left bustling Miami for Sarasota where Cheryl built her studio on their 7-acre property.  Now retired, she has more time to devote travel, photography and painting.  She finds peace in  Florida’s natural habitat, vegetation and landscapes.  She searches for niches that like her photographs still reflect “Old Florida.”  Cheryl paints from the heart, sharing the beauty of the world through vibrant color and texture. 

 Most of her work is available in giclée on canvas and prints in various sizes. 

Inquire for a quote. 

C[email protected]

Cheryl's Gallery

Susan Swanson

Susan calls her ceramics: "My Imagination at Work. Handbuilt and Colorful." In her Bradenton studio, she creates a range of innovative pieces, from decorative wall plaques and fantasy birds and fish to artful bowls and other unique pieces. "Of all the mediums I have used over the years, clay has always been my favorite. It is perfect for all of my whimsical ideas. I've always been fascinated by the way clay can go from soft and pliable to firm and how it accepts textures and can be molded into a shape,” she relates.

Susan taught art for forty years, both in Detroit and at Bayshore High School, where she ended her teaching career in 2010. When she retired, she found that art was still vitally important in her life. "I missed it being a part of my everyday. So I returned to creating. Retirement has allowed me to nurture my own art with the same passion that I used as a teacher," she says.

"My work is all hand built. This means that I do not use a potter's wheel. I use a combination of earthenware and paper clay which I fire in my kiln to 1950 degrees. I then paint each piece with underglaze 2-3 times, and finally coat it with a clear or opalescent glaze, and fire it again to 1780 degrees" she explains. "All of my work is one of a kind. Even if I try to recreate a piece there will be some differences. My work is evolving and changing as I experiment and develop my style."  

Susan's Gallery

David Tejada

David is a new resident to Bradenton, FL. He has spent the past forty years as a location corporate and advertising photographer for Fortune 500 companies. 
He’s also an educator, teaching travel and lighting workshops worldwide. His corporate work as well as his workshops has allowed him to visit over 56 countries.

David's Gallery

Jim Wheeler

Jim is a long-time painter (acrylics) and photographer, originally from the Chicago area, but has since lived in various places throughout the country and has been a Florida resident for many years.

He has served as a judge for the Cleveland Photographic Society and has worked as the award winning chief editor for a national business magazine.

Most of the works showing at the Gallery consist of award-winning photography on canvas that is digitally and manually enhanced for a more painterly look.  

Jim's Gallery

Marg Williamson


Marg is a former resident of the Midwest, but now calls Lakewood Ranch, FL her home.

After a career in the Advertising world, Marg now explores her love of nature and expresses it with the spontaneity of self-taught, contemporary watercolors and acrylics. She has a strong connection with preserving in paintings the beauty of the world around us.

She creates her paintings and murals in plein-air or from her photos of Florida landmarks, flora or fauna and from her photos of England, Europe and the Caribbean. Her paintings are included in several national and international collections and she has exhibited in shows in several SW Florida galleries including Sarasota, Bradenton, Pine Island and Naples.

Her watercolors can be found in the Island Gallery West, Anna Maria Island.  She belongs to the Art League of Lakewood Ranch, is a Signature member of the FL Suncoast Watercolor Society (FSWS) and is an Associate member of the Florida Watercolor Society. Marg also offers commissions for paintings from your favorite photos.  

Marg's Gallery